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Most visitors float through Wuppertal on its world renown suspension railway, but a visit to Wuppertal is always worth it. The typical highlights are the zoo, the dancing theatre Pina Bausch and the Von-der-Heydt-Art Museum. There is also a small art scene and a green region named Bergisches Land. Wuppertal – a symbiosis of city, countryside and river – warmly welcomes you.

Around 360,000 residents and visitors enjoy the rich cultural attractions, great shopping opportunities and the high recreational value of the city. Wilhelminian style and art nouveau place architectural accents.
The central location of the city helped it become economically important: Wuppertal has 11 freeway interchanges (A1, A46), IC and ICE trains connect and the airports Düsseldorf and Cologne are only a half hour car ride away.
Since 1901 the suspension railway has aided with the city traffic. It is not only the city's landmark it is also the symbol for entrepreneurial, pioneering spirit and reliability. Everyday 75,000 passenger float over the city. There is never traffic on this 13,3 kilometer long route – 8 meters above the roads and 12 meters above the river.

The city is surrounded by wooded mountains and is strung-out in the dell of the river Wupper. From anywhere in the city, forests and greenery are easily reached.

Delightful surprises await the visitors. A total of 8,723 stairs are necessary to conquer highs and lows. Wuppertal has an altitude of 100 to 350 meters. Interesting insights and outlooks compensate for the hassle of stair climbing.

Since 1991 Wuppertal has been the headquarters of the world renown Wuppertal-Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy.

Based in Wuppertal, the energy agency NRW gives advice to medium-sized enterprises on economical use of energy. A technology center helps small and medium-sized enterprises without their own research apartment to realize innovative findings of new products and techniques.

Built as a comprehensive university in 1972 the Bergische University employees 330 teachers in 7 different fields. 14,500 students are matriculated. Besides the traditional engineering, electrical engineering and civil engineering graduates, the University is characterized by highly admired research projects and extensive practical experience.

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HomeCompany Wuppertal

HomeCompany Wuppertal

Siegesstr. 142
42287 Wuppertal

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